Visiting Snowdonia’s Secret Waterfall | The Best Kept Secret In Wales!

hidden waterfall in Snowdonia surrounded by trees

Tucked away in the heart of Wales and a closely guarded secret is Snowdonia’s Secret Waterfall! With its impressive drop, serene landscape and quiet location, it’s the perfect place to escape to. I was finally able to visit this waterfall after months of waiting due to lockdowns and restrictions and it was totally worth the wait!

Locating the Waterfall

This waterfall has been referred to at the ‘Secret Waterfall of Snowdonia’ online as it’s not on the typical tourist trail and requires time and effort to find it. Because of this, it’s one of the few places that hasn’t been ruined by rubbish or hoards of people visiting and destroying the local habitat.

The waterfall isn’t easy to find! For some, it can sometimes take months to locate. It took me a few hours of research online to find what area of Snowdonia National Park it was situated in. After reading countless articles, forums and cross-referencing maps I was finally able to find it. I often spend hours on Google Maps just scouting out new locations to visit. So this was a fun challenge for me. I didn’t have much information to work from but it was definitely worth the effort!

To get to the waterfall, it’s a long walk and once you’re there it’s not the most obvious thing to find. It’s in a very quiet part of Wales so you hardly see anyone whilst here. Often having the whole place to yourself, which makes it even more special! It’s just a case of exploring the area and having fun while doing so. There’s so much more to this location than just the waterfall so be sure to explore the surrounding area whilst here and explore some of the trails!

Visiting Snowdonia’s Secret Waterfall

The day began with a very early morning start and a long drive over to Snowdonia. After a few hours of driving and a coffee stop along the way, it was time to explore the area. Thankfully with blue skies and dry weather, it was a perfect day for hiking.

As a result of the never-ending rain showers in May, rivers and streams are flowing full. There’s no better time to visit Wales to photograph the many waterfalls here. With it being the wettest May in Wales since records began. This made the waterfall the perfect place to visit, I just didn’t expect it to be quite so ferocious!

The trails to get there were sodden and many of the paths had turned into a partial stream. This made crossing these paths a game of hopscotch as you tried to land on rocks and higher ground. Trying to avoid the deeper trenches of water or taking a leap of faith and jumping straight across. I wore my Blundstones to visit this waterfall thinking they would be okay, but they got completely soaked through!! Wellies and waterproof trousers would have been a better choice. Definitely wearing those next time I visit this waterfall after heavy rain.

After dancing around the streams and puddles of water it was time to visit the waterfall! The path to get to the waterfall itself was dangerous in places with sharp rock edges and extremely slippy surfaces.

Photographing The Waterfalls

After carefully making my way down to the secret waterfall location, it was time to photograph this epic place! I brought my Canon 5D Mark 3 and paired that with the 16-35mm lens. The full-frame body and wide-angle lens were the perfect combinations to take photos that captured the whole scene. I brought the tripod but opted against using that in favour of faster shutter speeds to reduce water spots blurring the images. The less time my camera was exposed to the water the better!

Some photos definitely have water spots on the glass from the spray of the waterfalls. I will need to go back here when the waterfall isn’t as intense, although it was quite the experience to witness such a force of water. I’m looking forward to seeing this location change as the seasons do!

standing at the base of the secret waterfall of Wales

To get to the base of the falls to photograph them, I had to walk almost underneath the two smaller waterfalls to the right. Whilst trying to find a safe route across I got SOAKED to the bone from the water splashing onto me! Then as I crossed over the stream from the smaller waterfalls, the water rushed straight into my boots. This was a bad day to leave my waterproof jacket in the car! Thankfully by the time I had walked back to the car I was able to change into dry clothes and shoes.

Being stood at the base of the waterfall you really feel how intense the power of water is! The sheer volume of water falling made the noise here deafening! You had to shout just to hear what other people are saying over the water. It wasn’t until you left the area and returned to the woodland that you realise quite how loud it was. Everywhere else just seems so strangely quiet afterwards.

There is plenty more to explore in the area, with some lovely woodland trails that go on for miles. I’ll definitely be more prepared for future trips here with proper waterproofs, and even wellies to avoid getting soaked quite as much!



I hope you have enjoyed this travel diary of my trip to Snowdonia’s Secret Waterfall. Here are a few books that I can recommend if you are looking for great places to visit and photograph around Wales. They include some incredible locations and amazing hidden gems! Not to mention some epic waterfalls across Snowdonia National Park as well as the best times to visit and photograph these places.

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