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At the start of this month, I was very grateful to receive a Jo Malone Cologne perfume as a gift. Jo Malone is a company that first popped onto my radar about a year ago now when a blogger named Lydia spoke about it on her YouTube Channel. Since that moment I definitely became a lot more interested in the brand and the products that they have to offer. And it didn’t take too long before I got to own something from them (yay).


When I went to Chester with my close friends from school, we just so happened to wander into a Jo Malone store… and have a sniff all of some of their fragrances. I did feel a little out-of-place at first, as I don’t think I suited the general shopper ‘stereotype’ of the store. Nonetheless, we all went in and had a good look around anyway.

We all went along their display and tried out a few different scents. The first ones I was initially drawn to were the forest ones. My favourite from that collection was the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne. This was a really lovely smell it reminded me of walking amongst trees, and out with nature.

On the other side of the perfume stand were my two friends trying out the different scents on that side. It was at this point I found ‘my scent’. One of my friends had found a cologne called Peony and Blush Suede, and oh my goodness it smelt AMAZING. I would go as far as to say it was the best scent out of the entire store.


As the day went on, both me and my friend found ourselves reaching into our pockets to catch a smell of the perfume. The smell matured and it seemed to get better as the hours progressed.

On the website, it mentions the perfume has tasting notes of Red Apple, Peony and Suede. Either way, this combination of scents is just lovely! But I’m only saving the cologne for veeerrryy special occasions. So you won’t catch me wearing this on a casual weekend uptown. Instead, I’ll be dressed up all fancy with my hair done and high heels on to make the most of the cologne and feel amazing as a result.

My previous fancy perfume was ‘Marc Jacobs Daisy‘ and I had fallen in love with that for many years previously to me getting it. I was also very lucky to receive this as a gift two years ago now for Christmas. I still adore this perfume and I only use it on a rare occasion as I want it to last as long as possible. As much as I would love it to be my daily scent it is far too expensive to keep replacing every couple of months when I run out.


I am so grateful for as it is such a generous gift (thank you!). We went into the Jo Malone Store in Selfridges, Birmingham. I went back to the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne before quickly finding the Peony and Blush Suede and settling for that. I might see what their other light floral and floral scents are like.

One thing that they offer is a Gift Wrapping Service. Which is just a novelty and I thought was the perfect touch! The cologne was placed into a box stuffed with tissue and tied with black ribbon. Before it went into the bag it had tissue paper and a matching black ribbon to finish it off. It was super fancy and it just added to the whole experience!



This was my first impression of the company and the cologne and I’m such a huge fan. It was a wonderful gift to receive!

I’d love to hear what your favourite perfume is. What do you wear on a daily basis? Or do you have a special perfume that you save for special occasions?

Adell x

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This blog post isn’t sponsored, I love the brand and thought it would be worth sharing.


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    15th February 2018

    I have always wanted to try Jo Malone!!! I stop by the counter every time i go to Nordstrom but i can’t ever make the splurge!!! Thanks for Sharing!

    • Reply


      15th February 2018

      They have the 30ml bottles which are really geat sizes for a purse, they’re also cheaper than the larger ones and I’m sure they would last just as long since the smell takes a while to fade. x

      • Reply


        16th February 2018

        Thanks for the info!!!

  2. Reply


    16th February 2018

    Sounds super lovely! I like MJ’s daisy dream (:

  3. Reply

    Louise Austin Richards

    19th February 2018

    I have the candle in this fragrance and would love the perfume – its beautiful x

  4. Reply

    Evelyne Nware

    24th February 2018

    Imagine it would smell lovely?

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