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Clent Hills is a wonderful place to explore in an area just 10 miles South-West of Birmingham itself. This Spring it burst into life with colour, with the most beautiful display of Bluebell’s that blanketed the hills. It’s easy to see why a million people choose to visit this place every year.

It features the most breathtaking panoramic views with easy paths to walk along taking you straight to the top. This location is perfect for families, dog walkers, and children alike. As there is plenty to explore and see for everyone.


It’s funny how you can travel the world and explore all of these places but you never truly explore what’s in your own area. The Clent Hills is a fairly easy location for me to drive to, but it was somewhere that was overlooked. After discovering this location online I decided to make a journey over there on a late Sunday evening.

The weather that day had been glorious. The evening was still warm, despite the sun slowly setting in the sky. We parked on the road outside Nimmings Carpark as that had closed at 5pm. If you plan on going in the late afternoon it’s best to park on the road so your car doesn’t get locked in for the night.

Nimmings Carpark is free if you are a member of the National Trust, otherwise there is a small fee to park in there. There is free parking on the road but this gets busy really quickly. Especially on a bank holiday or a day when the weather is particularly nice.

From the carpark you follow the path on the left hand side which takes you straight to the top. Which is one of the best routes to the top. There is a slight incline with some uneven ground from where the rain has worn the path away. But pushchairs and wheelchairs will have no issues getting to the top.

Sunset over Clent Hills


When you first park up the view over the city is incredible from just the roadside. As you travel higher up the view gets even better. I arrived about an hour before sunset with my mom.

We slowly made our assent up to the top to enjoy the sun slowly setting below the horizen. The sun had a deep red glow and it cast soft hues of pink and orange across the whole landscape.


There was plenty of other people there to enjoy the views too. Some with a picnic of food, others with a camera, and some just passing through whilst walking their dogs. It had a lovely atmosphere to it as everyone was able to take in the last few minutes of sun before it set for the day.

Whilst we were waiting for the sun to set I explored the area in search of Bluebells which I had seen glimpses of online. I managed to catch sight of it through the trees which got me very excited to return again when the sun was high in the sky.

This was certainly a spontaneous trip but it was worth the journey! We were able to see for miles that evening. With views over the Malvern Hills, Dudley Castle, Birmingham and even some mountains as far away as Wales.


Exploring The BlueBells Fields


The following day I set out early in hunt for Bluebells that I had seen the previous evening. This time the lighting was better and I was early enough to explore the fields and forests without many people around.

On the journey to the hills I got distracted by some gorgeous woodland that was also covered in bluebells. I pulled the car over and carefully made my way through the trees, not stepping on any bluebells along the way.

I spent a good hour just wandering around and taking photos. The rays of sun were shining through the trees casting light on the flowers below. After taking way too many photos it was time to explore the blanket of flowers over on the hills.



At the top of the hill you could get glimpses of purple through the trees below. But it doesn’t become apparent as to how widespread the Bluebells were until you reached the bottom.

To see such a display is impressive since Bluebells take around 5 to 7 years to establish themselves from bulb to flower. The UK is actually home to almost half of the worlds population of Bluebells making them a rare flower in other parts of the world.

It was so magical to walk along the paths that cut through the field of blue.


Once I was done exploring with a camera filled with photos it was time for a spot of food. At Nimmings Carpark there are toilets and woodland playground perfect for children as well as a cafe which offers some great food. They do an amazing Sausage and Bacon sandwich on thick crusty bread. Which is just whats needed after exploring the area.


The Clent Hills was one of my favourite things through the month of April and I covered it in my April Favourites Blog post. This is somewhere that I hope to visit throughout the year to see how the landscape changes throughout the seasons.

If you do decide to explore areas with Bluebells remember not to pick them, or step on them as it takes years for these flowers to recover after footfall damage.

I would love to know if you have ever been to the Clent Hills? Have you been to any places covered in Bluebells this year, they seem to be everywhere ??

Adell x



There are plenty of places to stay across Clent and the surrounding area if you are looking to extend your trip here for a few more days. Click the image below to view accommodation and places to stay around the area.



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    Welcome to Wales

    26th May 2019

    Lovely set of images. I especially like the bluebells and the sun setting.

  2. Reply

    Chloe May Blogs

    28th May 2019

    I love Bluebells! This patch looks so big!

    • Reply


      29th May 2019

      It was massive I’ve never seen anything like it ?

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    5th June 2019

    Stunning photos!

  4. Reply

    Virginia Duran

    17th June 2019

    Beautiful scenery and photographs! What was your favourite place within Bluebells?

  5. Reply


    5th August 2019

    Lovely images

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