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Things To Do This Spring

Things To Do This Spring

Spring has almost sprung? The weather has left a lot to be desired and it’s all over the place. Sunny one minute, snowing the next. It almost feels like Spring, with the longer days and the flowers coming out in force. After a very dull Winter, it’s nice to see some blue skies every now and then. Which makes it the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and get cracking on some projects and goals.

As I’m writing this the weather seems like it’s brightening up for a while with the sun out and bright blue skies. I doubt it will last. So whilst the weather is good here are some things to do this Spring…

Add Colour To Your Home

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to go into the garden and pick some Tulips that are growing in the flower beds. I love the colour it brings to the garden after a very grey and dreary Winter. So picking some flowers from the garden are a wonderful choice and can add so much colour to any home. If you don’t have any flowers to pick then buying some will still brighten up any home.

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

During the colder months jumpers, scarfs and coats become your go-to items of choice. As the days start getting warmer it becomes the perfect time to pack away your thicker winter items or simply move them to the back of the wardrobe as the cooler tops and jackets get shifted to the front. This is a great time to tidy up your closets and donate clothes that no longer fit or you no longer need.

Update Your Closet

Whilst you are having a good Spring Clean, adding a few seasonal pieces are perfect for Spring. The shops have started to bring out lighter and brighter items, which is a great sign of warmer months to come.


Picnics In The Park

If the weather is kind, it might just stay sunny enough for a picnic in the park. Packing a few sandwiches, drinks and snacks is all you need. Oh, and don’t forget the blanket and maybe an umbrella or two because of how unpredictable the weather is!

Reevaluating Goals

April is already a one quarter through the year. Time really does fly by very quickly. If you made any New Years Resolutions then it is a great time to check in on those and see how your progress is going. Are you on track? Did you forget about them? This can be a great way to motivate yourself and maybe add a few more goals if you are feeling determined.

Evening Walks

I’ve recently come back from a trip to Edinburgh, and one of my favourite things to do was to head up Calton Hill in the late afternoon and watch as the sun set over the city. It was so peaceful, and plenty of others also made the journey up to watch the sunset. When the weather is milder it makes the whole experience so pleasant. So if you get chance, head out for an evening walk just at the night is drawing in and enjoy the views.

New Season, New Recipe

During colder months, I always find myself getting stuck in a routine of certain foods that I know will keep me warm and are hearty meals. Since the weather is no longer as cold, Spring is a perfect time to try out a new recipe maybe even a salad or two. You might find a new meal that you love.


So these have been some of my recommendations of things you can get up to in Spring. What are some things you like most about Spring, is there anything you are looking forward to doing?? 

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  1. Avatar 15th April 2018 / 5:08 PM

    Good list! I want to make new recipes. And a picnic. The weather forecast says that warm temperatures arrive next week (at least to my town). Have a great spring!!

  2. Avatar 15th April 2018 / 10:13 PM

    Definitely the evening walks! I have already done the wardrobe clear out!

  3. Avatar 16th April 2018 / 12:33 AM

    I’m in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe and updating my closet for the spring/summer months ahead! It’s a big job haha but a fun one always (:

  4. Avatar 18th April 2018 / 12:24 PM

    Spring is my absolute favourite season! I love your to do list, especially the updating my closet part :D!
    Lovely post!

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