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Merry Christmas | Blogmas

Merry Christmas | Blogmas

I hope everyone has had a wonderful festive holiday, and a very Merry Christmas. Sadly there was no snow this year but there is still hope for future years! One day I will wake up to a White Christmas… Fluffy socks and my cosy dressing gown were the outfit of choice this morning, despite the weather being to warm for both of them.

The gifts that I received this year were lovely, I got overly excited for my camera filters so I can really experiment and progress with my photography next year! There was quite a few photography related gifts this year, which is so cool. Including a book, I don’t really enjoy reading but I made one exception for a photography book I discovered when I was writing my Gift Guide for Photographers. It looks like it will be a really interesting read, I look forward to browsing through the pages.

This evening me and mum are watching some classic ‘Carry On’ films with the candles lit and the Christmas Tree lights on for the final time. You can certainly get a good laugh with those films! I think tomorrow night I might persuade mum to put on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone… I’ll be humming the theme tune all day tomorrow.

Today also marks the end of Blogmas, it didn’t go as successfully as I planned with me missing out on the last few days. To say it’s my first ever Blogmas, to manage 20 out of 25 days is pretty good going. Life just gets in the way with deadlines, family and errands. Next year I will certainly be more organised and prepared.

Here’s all my Blogmas Post in one convenient list.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts, and taking the time to comment and like them. It is really appreciated! I will be back to my old schedule in the New Year so it will be a lot more manageable then. For this next week I will be having a nice break and catching up on reading and replying to comments since everything has settled down.

Have a lovely Boxing Day and Happy New Years! Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog Posts!

Adell x



  1. Avatar 26th December 2017 / 12:40 AM

    I’m pleased you had a lovely Christmas and I hope 2018 will be an excellent year for you.

    • adell 5th January 2018 / 11:01 PM

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years! And that 2018 will be a happy and wonderful year for you too x

  2. Avatar 31st December 2017 / 8:53 AM

    yep, i am all about fluffy socks and dressing gowns on christmas day! all the more room for extra food when youre wearing pyjamams too haha. congrats on blogmas, 20 days is a pretty impressive feat.!

    wishing you all the best for 2018, lovely!

    katie. xx

    • adell 5th January 2018 / 11:02 PM

      Couldn’t agree with you more with the fluffy socks and dressing gown. I’m currently wrapped up cosy in them now… so my love of those doesn’t end on Christmas Day haha!

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years! xx

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