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DIY Christmas Crackers | Blogmas


Christmas Crackers are something that is part of the festive traditions. You gather around  with either family or friends, and you go against each other to see who is the victor. The prizes inside leaves a lot to be desired, I find they’re a little disappointing at times. So I decided to get creative and I had a go at making my own Crackers. That way you can fill it up with anything you like, so you can really get personalising with these.

What You Will Need

DIY Christmas Cracker

So for this quick and easy cracker, there isn’t too much that you will need. You might already have these around the house if not, there is just enough time to pick these up in shops before they close for Christmas Day. For the cracker you can use a variety of different papers. This could either be wrapping paper, wallpaper (which would offer more strength) or you can print out your own designs on standard paper. If you would like to use the same designs that I have in this blog post, then you can find the link to download the different ones here… London Bus DesignAnimal DesignPenguin Design

What you will need for this cracker will include…

– Paper (With a design of your choice)

– Scissors or a Craft Knife

– PVA Glue or Tape

– Printer

– Ribbon or Twine

Cracker Template

– Toilet Roll (This will offer structure if you are using a thin paper)

– Goodies, Jokes and Party Hats

Cracker Snaps

How To Make Your Cracker

Step One

Print out your design onto A4 Paper or cut up the wrapping paper or wallpaper into A4 sized pieces. Repeat this for as many times as you need.

Step Two

Print out the cracker template onto the plain side of the paper or onto a separate piece of paper to cut around. If you have printed it out onto a separate piece of paper then attach that to the paper with some tape so it gets held in place.

Step Three

Make Your Own Christmas CrackerThis step takes the longest to complete and its the most complex part of the whole process. For this you will need to cut out all the sections marked out with a solid black line on the template. I used scissors to cut around the outline of the template as that was the fastest option. Once that was done I grabbed my craft knife to cut out the slits and the diamonds. If you are planning on doing a lot of crackers, it might be best to grab a helping hand as these could take a while. A small pair of scissors can do a perfectly fine job, but I chose to use the craft knife as I found it easier to get the finer details.

Be sure to use a steel ruler here if you are using a craft knife as you don’t want to cut your fingers, if you slip with the blade.

Step Four

How To Make Your Own Cracker

The next step is to fold the template along the dotted lines. There are a few ways to do this. You could either fold each diamond individually, or you gently score along the diamonds with your craft knife to create a sharp edge. The last option would be to hold a ruler over the diamonds and fold the cracker up towards you. After that fold the section with the cut diamonds towards you, so it should look just like the photo once you are done.

Step Five

When the template is still open it would be the best time to add the Snaps. This is what makes the pop noise when you pull the cracker apart. If you are using toilet roll to add strength, this would be a good time to add it in. Trim down the edges of the snap so it doesn’t hang over the edges your cracker. Then thread it through the roll if you are using one. After that get the furthest points of the snaps and glue the ends down with PVA glue or tape. Be sure to leave a bit of movement, so create a small bridge over the centre of cracker.



Just before you roll up the cracker be sure to add your goodies inside. You can make your own Christmas Hat by using tissue paper and cutting it to shape. Jokes can be found online and then printed off or you could write it out. So all that is left if the prizes you would like to leave inside, and this part is completely up to you.

Step Six

This is the final stage, and this is the most rewarding stage. After all your hard work you can finally add the finishing touches. Add some ribbon or get some string or twine. Tie it into a nice bow and finish this all off with tag on the end. Just repeat this process for however many people you are giving crackers to. It will be a wonderful surprise for them on Christmas Day when you give out these festive creations.


Let me know if you have ever tried making your own Christmas Crackers? Also what was the best prize you have ever received from a Cracker and what was the worst??

Adell x










  1. Avatar 24th December 2017 / 8:23 AM

    I love this! I have never tried christmas crackers or any type of crackers at all, but it sounds like so much fun 😍 xx

    • adell 5th January 2018 / 11:00 PM

      Ooo, next year you should have a go at buying some crackers to open with family and friends or try making your own. The gifts inside are not the best but that is what makes them so iconic. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years! xx

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