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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year | Blogmas Day 12


Once Autumn passes I find it hard to see any other season as magical or as beautiful as that one. But this year December has changed that. In previous years, it has always been quite mild and drizzly. Making Winter a little pathetic if you ask me. But after the recent snowfall I have come to love this Season! It is living up to some very high expectations. So here is some reasons why December is the most magical time of the year…

The Weather

Kicking this off with what changed my mind about Winter. For the first time in years the UK has been hit with a decent amount of snow. Sure, it’s a common occurrence in Scotland and some of the highest peaks in the country but rarely does it hit where I live. And, it’s not just me who loves the snow there are loads of excited people on social media, all sharing their snow filled photos.

I also find it hilarious as the UK goes into meltdown with many confused people on what do to on the roads. There might only be 20cm of snow but that’s enough to close businesses and create disruption on the roads. It makes a change for snow to fall before Christmas so it really helps to get everyone in the festive mood!

Homemade Food

Ahhh, there’s nothing better than coming home from being outside in the cold to a warm house filled with the smell of a freshly cooked dinner! I love a good hearty roast or some freshly baked bread with soup. There is nothing better than tucking into a meal when your cold, it really makes you feel cosy. In the Summer I always gravitate towards Salads and lighter meals as it is too warm to be tucking into a proper dinner. So when the seasons get cold, the food gets hot!


Christmas Decorations

There’s something special when you are heading home at night and it’s dark out, but you see all the beautiful decorations. They light up the houses and making things appear so bright and welcoming. Another thing I love is when people put their Christmas Trees in the windows. The lights just glisten away and it makes the homes seem so cosy inside.

Hot Chocolate and Blankets

This is only ever possible in the Winter. The evenings are dark so you close the curtains early and you light the candles in the house. A Christmas movie, in my case its Harry Potter, get put on the TV whilst you wrap up in a fluffy blanket sipping on hot chocolate. There is nothing more relaxing than that!

So this has been a few of my favourite things, that I have been loving this December! Let me know what your love about this season.

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  1. Avatar 15th December 2017 / 9:46 AM

    December and the run up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year too. I also love spring when it starts to get warmer and flowers start to appear – Love it 🙂 x

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