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DIY Woodland Wreath | Blogmas Day 8

Christmas Decorations

At the start of the week I went to the garden centre with my mum, and grandparents. When we were walking around I noticed a lot of wreaths that were made from real branches off Christmas Trees. For some reason I have never seen these before, so they really fascinated me. So much so, I decided to have a go at making my own Woodland Wreath!

Christmas Wreath DIY

The front door is the first thing people see when they come to your home, so why not add a homemade wreath to set the tone! It can get expensive to keep on purchasing real wreaths each year, the ones in the Garden Centre were £20 each. That same day I went to Aldi and stumbled across their own version of the real wreath that I decided to pick it up. For £5.99 it makes it a lot more affordable and was the source of inspiration when I was making my own.

Since our decorations are going up this weekend I decided it was time to get the wreath out. This simple and easy DIY Christmas Wreath will include a lot of things you can find in your house, so it won’t cost you a pretty penny. You can decide whether you want to add your own decorations to it, or just keep it simple and minimal.

What Do You Need?

Christmas Wreath DIY Materials


Wire Coat Hanger

Pair Of Scissors

Garden Shears/ Secateurs

Fishing Wire[/one_half]


Evergreen Conifer

Branches From Willow Tree

Berrys / Pine Cones

Decorations (Ribbon)[/one_half_last]

What To Do?

Christmas Wreath DIY

Step One

Take a standard wire coat hanger and pull it out into the shape of a circle. This will form the base of the Wreath and offers an easy way of hanging the wreath up by using the hook already available.

Step Two

Go to your local park, garden or relatives house and source the branches and twigs that you require for your own Wreaths. Using Garden Shears will create a clean cut so you don’t do too much damage.

Step Three

To provide an easy base for the Conifer branches to go on, I wrapped twigs around the coat hanger. This was to build up the thickness of the circle as well as offer more rigidity. You can skip these first two steps by purchasing an already made Wreath base that you can get > here

For the willow branches that goes around the coat hanger, it might be best to pick the branches from off the ground. Rather than cutting down the tree for the. If you go after a windy day then there might be more twigs on the ground to pick, rather than destroying the tree.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Christmas Wreath DIY

Step Five

To wrap the twigs around the wire its best to hold onto the one end as you twist it around with your other hand. As you wrap more branches and twigs around, you will find they begin to secure themselves together. So the hardest part for this is actually the first twig. I didn’t use any hot glue or wire here to secure them together, but if you feel like it needs more structure you can go ahead and use those here.

Step Six

Next step is the fun part. You can use the Conifer/ Pine Tree Branches that you sourced to begin slotting them into gaps. This gaps are created from the willow branches that you weaved around. This is when the whole design gets brought together. I chose to use fishing wire here, as it is almost ‘invisible’ not to mention it has great strength properties, so you don’t need to worry about it snapping or breaking. So it will hold strong all Winter through! You can pick up the Fishing Wire >  here

Step Seven

Take each pine branch and stick it partially into the intertwined twigs to ensure it stays in place. Be sure to repeat this step until the entire front of the wreath is covered to your liking. So you can create something more voluminous or something a bit more minimal, the choice is entirely up to you.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Step Eight

Now, it is time to add a little pop of colour and design! I chose to keep my Wreath simple by only adding a gold bow on the very top. But you could add as many decorations as you would like to suit your own theme for this year. You could even source some real berries when you are getting the branches to make it a truly Woodland Wreath.

Step Nine

Since the coat hanger offers a hook already built in, the last step is to find a place to hang your wonderful creation! 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This has been my blog post on how to make a DIY Christmas Woodland Wreath. This blogpost was supposed to go up yesterday… but building Ikea furniture takes longer than you think. So another blog post will be going up later today to make up for the loss.

Let me know if you hang up a Wreath, if so do you make your own or buy them??

Adell x




  1. Avatar 10th December 2017 / 2:48 AM

    This is lovely 🙂

    • adell 14th December 2017 / 10:37 PM

      Thank you! x

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