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What Is In My Bag?

What Is In My Bag?

Who doesn’t love being a little bit nosy? I really love to watch daily vlogs and room tours on YouTube. It is just so interesting to see what other people are up to in their everyday routines and lives. But another thing I love to find out is what people carry with them in their bags. Whether that is what they pack with them on holiday or what they carry with them everyday. So for all you curious people, here is what I carry with me in my bag.


When it comes to my bag there are two types I always go for. The first one is a small shoulder bag which is enough for running quick errands. The second type of bag I carry is by far the most used and loved: that is a backpack. By using a backpack it means I have two hands free at all times. I also think its a safer option. Backpacks are harder to steal than shoulder bags (but that might be me being paranoid).

The backpack of choice for the next few months was one I recently picked up from Zara. It has a really minimal design whilst offering loads of space for items when I head up town or to work. Now onto the things actually in my bag…


This is essential for all my money transactions. I used to have quite a long purse but found it really impractical to use it in smaller bags. So I picked up a smaller more compact purse from Mango. The quality isn’t the best but it holds everything I need it to, and does the job perfectly fine. I think I may need to get a card holder at some point. Most times I just use cards and loyalty cards and I find there is less need for cash.

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I feel like these are one of the most important things that you can carry. They are really easy to forget but when you are ill it is something you need the most. I always try to have tablets in my bag, I try to carry a few different types for those ‘just in case’ moments. The tablets that I commonly carry includes… Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Indigestion Tablets, Travel Sickness and a few others. All of these go into a little pouch as well as a few plasters, this is so I know where everything is and it makes the whole process a lot faster.

Hair Brush / Elastics

As nice as long hair is, it is also an absolute pain in the butt. They are a necessity for me as my hair gets so knotty and tangled. Carrying a brush can help out loads but elastics are just as important, it is for when your hair just gets too irritating to be left down.

Hand Sanitiser / Tissues

Hands need to be kept clean, so carrying a hand sanitiser and wet wipes is a must to make sure I don’t catch any germs. I catch public transport which means I’m in contact with a lot of people, so I always feel better if I can sanitise my hands to prevent spending anything. But if you do catch a cold then tissues are another necessity and you don’t want to be that annoying person sniffling… I find I carry tissues more often in the colder seasons as my nose will run when I go from a hot to a cold environment.

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I never leave home without one! Living in the UK means the weather is so unpredictable. Even if there is bright blue skies.. there is always a chance of rain. I like to carry a really small compact one that fits perfectly in my bag so I don’t really notice it is there.

Earphones / Headphones

I don’t tend to listen to any music on public transportation. But I still carry a set of earphones, this is so I can watch YouTube videos whilst on my lunch break at work. I haven’t been able to use my headphones lately as I am waiting for my piercings to heal up and I don’t want to irritate them during that process.

Battery Bank

The ULTIMATE life saver! This one should be on the top of everyone’s list as one of the top things to pack. We always have our phones and devices with us, but one of the most annoying things is when they loose charge. This is when a battery bank comes in handy.

I have two battery banks in total. The first one is very slender and a compact charger but I find it only lasts 1-2 charges before it needed to be recharged. So I decided to buy a bigger one that can charge my phone, and iPad 5/6 times before it runs out of battery. It is a bit heavier and larger in size, and might not to be to everyones style, but this charger gets top marks for practicality. It has a very slim design so can slot into narrow bags very well and doesn’t take up too much width in a bag.


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This wonderful little bottle was something that I brought when I first went to Amsterdam. Due to liquid restrictions I wasn’t able to take my full bottle or perfume. So I brought this travel sized spray bottle. I was able to fill it up will my perfume of choice and it fits really well in my bag and it didn’t take up any space. Since then, this little spray bottle has been living in my bag. It comes in handy if I forget to put perfume on in the morning. The size holds a lot of product and I haven’t had any concerns with it leaking. If it does my bag would smell amazing for many months to come! You can buy the travel bottle >> here

Last on the list is last minute things I throw in my bag. This can includes the pink tinted  Vaseline which I love to use as I’m not the biggest fan of lipstick (shock, horror!), as well as my go to hand cream which I spoke about in a blog post. It also depends if I’m driving that day, if I am then my car keys will go in there.

I try to keep my bags as clean as I can. I throw out any rubbish and take out receipts and putting them away properly. So almost all of the times my bag is spotless and clean. So overall I like to have a nice organised bag as I don’t want to loose or misplace anything. The worst feeling ever is when your heart sinks thinking you have lost something, only to frantically search for it and find it whilst panicking.

What is your bag of choice, is it a backpack, shoulder bag or no bag at all? Also what is some things that you must have in your bag that you cannot leave home without??

Adell x



  1. Avatar 6th November 2017 / 4:51 AM

    Your bags are so nice!

    • adell 6th November 2017 / 8:39 AM

      Thank you 😊 as soon as I saw in online I fell in love ❤️

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