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Battle Of The Handcreams

Battle Of The Handcreams

Autumn is a beautiful time of year but the colder weather takes a toll on your skin. Your lips start cracking and your hands begin to get dry. So it is important to take care of your body as the seasons change. Sometimes we need a little help from products to help leave our skin feeling great. Hand creams become so important to really help keep your skin nourished and looked after.

I’ve noticed this year the skin around my thumbs has gotten particularly dry. So I have been reaching for my hand cream a lot more often at work than I ever have before. The product that I have been using to moisturise my hands for many years now is a holy grail of mine. I have used it for the longest amount of time. The item in question is the Soap and Glory’s ‘The Righteous Butter’.  I adore the smell of this and I have purchased a fair few of them over the years. But I felt like it was time a change, so I raided my mums collection for this blog post and asked her for her opinions on the products as well as my own.

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream



I’m kicking off this list with my mums personal favourite hand cream. I brought this for her a while ago after I went on a trip down to London as a little gift. This was the first one I picked up and tested and once I tried that no other could compare to the amazing smell. The body shop has some really great scents and they are always bringing out new ones for the different seasons, so be sure to keep going back and checking their new products if you haven’t found a scent for you.

The Benefits:

This product contains oil which means it really helps with skin-softening and hydration without feeling greasy. It nourishes hands and also helps with the cuticles to leaves them feeling silky smooth. This is a gel-cream formula which means it can absorb quickly into the skin to help soften and protect your hands.

The Price:

The price for this hand cream is £5 for a 30ml product and £10 for a 100ml product. I would recommend going for the larger product as it is better value for money and if you find a scent you love, you would want to make it last as long as possible.

The Fragrance:

This hand cream has a crisp and fresh smell with slight essences of floral in it. But the overall scent is quite muted so it is not overpowering. It is definitely more of a Spring scent rather than Autumn/ Winter.

Overall Opinion:

My mum and I rated this product really well as we loved using it. This is one hand cream that my mum reaches for the most out of all of her hand creams. I would like to try out different scents, especially more seasonal or festive ones as this one is more suited to warmer seasons.

Aromas White Jasmine Hand Cream


This hand cream has a phenomenal smell, it is so rich and beautifully fragranced it can quickly become a favourite of anyone who loves a really lovely floral scent. Plus this is the perfect size for travel or for a handbag. It also has really lovely packing with delicate jasmine flower illustrations on the tube which relates well to the scent inside.

The Benefits:

This product is enriched with 10 percent Shea butter. As a result that means it can be easily and quickly absorbed into the skin whilst hydrating and repairing your hands. So overall this hand cream is really nourishing making it ideal for these winter months when hands get battered by the weather that little bit more.

The Price:

The price for this hand cream is so affordable. It is only £3.95 and you can order it fairly easily from amazon (buy here) or even from your local Tesco. That price is for a 60ml tube which means it is even cheaper than The Body Shop hand creams and in my opinion is smells just as good and leaves your hands feeling amazing.


The Fragrance:

This hand cream has essences of white jasmine in it which means it is a very light and summery scent. Once again this product doesn’t remind you of Autumn with its smell but it works wonders for your hand at a time of year when you need it the most.

Overall Opinion:

I also asked for my mums opinion for this hand cream as she uses them a lot more often that what I do. This product was praised very highly because of the price as well as the formula which means it just about bet the Body Shop hand cream. Either one of the hand creams smell amazing and they leave your hands feeling really moisturised so either one is worth a repurchase, the only notable difference, is the price.

Morris & Co Pure Hand Cream



Ahh, last but certainly not least is my personal favourite out the bunch. I love how this one smells! When heading up to Scotland, this product first caught my eye in Dobbies. After stopping there on the journey back I decided I would buy this hand cream. I really loved the scent (and the packaging), I also picked up some minis for my mom which are absolutely adorable!

The Benefits:

This product is contains  so many hydrating ingredients that are really good for your skin. The ingredients that are in this hand cream include Kelp, Silver Birch, Thistle Extracts,  Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil as well as Macadamia Oil. Each one results in an easily absorbed moisturiser that leaves a velvety feeling on your skin.

The Price:

The product is the only a fraction more expensive than the other two. It is still very affordable for what you get. You can buy the Morris & Co Mini Hand Creams for £9, which works out at £3 per tube of 30ml product. Or pay £1 more and get one single tube of hand cream that contains 100ml of product. So it really depends on what size tube you prefer to carry or how much you want to spend. You don’t get any discounts for buying the bigger quantities like you would be The Body Shop hand creams.

The Fragrance: 

This hand cream has notes of Sea Salt and Sandalwood which combine with Bergamot essential oils to capture natures simplicity. Out of all three of the hand creams this one has the least floral scent to it. I would say it has more Earthy scents that are more calming on your skin. This is mostly due to the ingredients sourced for this hand cream. It is a great all year round smell that is perfect to use for Autumn/ Winter.

Overall Opinion:

I couldn’t asked for my mums opinion on this. As she hasn’t had chance to use the mini’s that I brought her yet. This is another product that smells amazing! The packaging is so cute and not to mention these would make AMAZING gifts for people. Which is perfect for Christmas as that is not too far away now.


This has been my short blog post which talks about my top hand creams that I recommend you try. There were plenty of amazing hand creams that I could have included. But I chose to include ones that are really amazing and work wonders for your hands.

Out of all of them I would say my favourite is the Morris and Co Hand Cream! Purely because I fell in love with the smell, and for my mums favourite it would be The Body Shop. That hand cream  does wonders for her hands when she needs a bit of TLC, whilst smelling amazing.

Let me know what your favourite hand cream is, as I would love to find some new ones to try out? Which hand cream would you say is your holy grail that you cannot live without?? Leave a comment as I would love to read your responses.

Adell x

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  1. Avatar 25th October 2017 / 2:37 PM

    Can I just say that your blog LOKS SO FREAKING AMAZING?! I’m in love with the colours!!!!! And maringa is one of my favourite scents! xxxx

    • adell 25th October 2017 / 5:30 PM

      Thanks I went for very Autumnal shades to match the time of year šŸ‚ I’ll be swapping it out again for Christmas. Maringa really is a lovely smell no other could compare once I got a wiff of that x

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