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Travelling To Oban | Scotland

At the end of last month I made the journey up North to visit the beautiful lands of Scotland. The trip was organised by my family at the start of the year, there was plenty of time to prepare and pack. It was a very generous 18th Birthday gift from my Aunt! The only thing that I could think of, that I wanted for my birthday was a trip to Scotland. It has been a place that I had dreamt of going my entire life. Scotland has the most beautiful landscapes, the vast mountains and isolated roads really makes this place iconic for me. It was official… I was heading to Oban!

The journey began on a very early September morning, and took an entire day of travel up North with rest breaks along the way. After a few coach changes we made it to one of the final stops at Gretna Green. This was such a quirky little place filled with a lot of history. Gretna is a little village which became a famous spot for runaway weddings where lovers could come together in ceremony when family might not have allowed them to become wedded at home. If you want to know more about the history of this place feel free to check out this > link <

Travelling To Scotland

When we were there, a few weddings did take place so you get to see the men in the kilts and the women in their beautiful wedding dresses walking around. This area is still really popular for weddings. The traditions have changes from when couples first got married there all those years ago. I’m making this sound like something from Romeo and Juliet but I don’t think those weddings would end in such tragedy.

There was one final stop after Gretna Green before making the last leg of the journey up to Oban. We arrived at the hotel for around 7pm at night. We caught the first coach at 7am in the morning it was a full and very long day of travel. As the coach got closer to Oban the views became more of your stereotypical idea of what you think Scotland should look like. On the journey up the views reminded me a lot of Wales. The further North you travel and explore, the more views change. You get to see deep valleys and lonely little buildings. You can see the progression through the photos below of the landscape and the changing views from forests, to mountains, to the lonely farmers house.

Gretna Green Bagpipes

Autumn was just about showing its colours. The leaves and the grounds were changing tone and turning all shades of red and orange. But it was very subtle. I think you can see the slight change of colour in the photos. On the journey back at the end of the week the signs of Autumn was definitely more prominent. The weather was still warm enough to ensure you didn’t get too cold. Scotland this time of year is stunning and really worth a visit.

The place where me and my Aunt rested for the week was in a hotel called the Bay Great Western. The hotel was nice, it overlooked the harbour in the lounge and front facing bedrooms. With the actual location of the hotel a brief walk away from the town and a walk across the road to the seafront, so its location was spot on. The room itself, was a twin which had good amenities and the view showed the old brick extension of the building and trees surrounding the place.

There is no need to worry about the rooms being cold in the hotel… it was boiling HOT! A radiator or hot water bottle usually helps to keep me cosy and warm.  If you are going this time of year then you won’t need to pack those in your suitcase. I had the windows wide open and radiators turned off just to try to get the room to cool down. So pack your flip-flops if you are going to stay there.

Bay Great Western Hotel Oban

Bay Great Western Hotel View Oban

With that, I am going to conclude this short introductory blog post to my Scotland adventures. I am going to split it down into different posts. Which will make it easier to read and break up all the different trips. So keep an eye out for another Scottish blog post. It will include more detail about the trip and what I was up to.

Let me know if you have even been to Scotland or Oban? I would love to hear what your experience was like there? If you have never been to Scotland would you want to go? If so what are would you like to go see?

Adell x



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