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Getting A Job | Life Update

Getting A Job | Life Update

You may have noticed that I have not been able to blog as much as I would like to or as consistently as I used to for the past few weeks. This is because I was able to get a job in Graphic Design which is my dream career and I have been really enjoying my time there and I thought it would be worth sharing this with you guys!

Leaving School

So I sat my last exams at school back in June and since then I have been applying for jobs, writing blog posts and enjoying the holidays. Despite saying I would have loads more time when I left school, I honestly haven’t. I don’t mind, I love feeling productive and making the most out of my day. I have spoken about why I have decided against going to University in an older blog post It is an option that isn’t very popular with my age group and many schools push the route of further education meaning a lot of people don’t really know their options. I’m lucky to be brought up in a family that accepts whatever career path I choose. Honestly, I would rather be earning money than spending out loads on education (which in my opinion, I think it should be free), but life experience is just important.

My First Interview

So I went in hunt of an apprenticeship in Graphic Design. It is a career I have been working towards for the past two years. I went to two interviews in total, the first one was a mess from the beginning. The agency sent me the wrong address to a housing estate that was in a pretty rough area, so there I am knocking on a strangers door looking like a complete idiot. I didn’t hang around too long as I wasn’t comfortable in that area so I spent the afternoon shopping instead. No point wasting a tram ticket!

I was finally sent to the right address but it turns out I wasn’t going to be suitable for the job role because of my music taste! Have you ever heard such a thing, they said everything else went perfect but the company couldn’t see me fitting in well because I said I wasn’t a fan of heavy grime or rap… I was only being honest, let’s just say the next interview I had I was less inclined to mention my music taste.

Getting The Job

It was something that I was able to laugh about but was still a really weird thing to happen to my first ever interview. Let’s just say the next interview went amazing and it is where I am currently working now! It has such a calm atmosphere and I cannot get over how nice everyone is. I settled down pretty fast and I have become a wiz at Adobe Software, I really love using it. About a year ago I would have said I hated Photoshop I found it so overwhelming, but bit by bit I learnt what each tool does and then it became second nature. I’ve have begun using Adobe Illustrator at work and this wasn’t too difficult to pick up. I needed a bit more help at the start but I enjoy experimenting to see what would work best.

I would say this is the main reason as to why my blogging has been all over the place lately. Working 9 till 5 means there’s less time of an evening to write blog posts and I try to cram a lot of tasks in during the evenings. I think I am slowly getting on top of things, I just need to settle into a new routine and use my planner to really get the most out of every day. So bear with me while I work on my posts and really become organised once again.

My Role

The company that I work for does personalised gifts such as mugs, clothing and teddies. What I actually do at the company is really fun, as a ‘Junior’ designer I work alongside the senior who guides me on what would need doing that day. I have done quite a few designs that will be going up on the site so I think that is really cool. As well as working on social media there is a lot of variety from day to day.  I have been there almost a month now and each day offers something new and interesting.

I recently met up with my closest friends for a goodbye meal as they head off to University so I thought I would gift them both a farewell present that summed up their personalities and what they loved. It was so nice to be able to design something on a computer and complete the entire process from making the mugs to handing it to them in person and I think it was very well received. So this is one amazing bonus of being a designer for the company and I can’t wait to see more designs getting made on products and being sent off to people!

So this was my journey from leaving school to finally getting a job in my dream career field. What was your first interview like? If you have a job, what is it that you do, I would love to hear!

Adell x




    • adell 16th September 2017 / 6:39 PM

      I should hope you do 😂 that is your mug, I hope your getting some good use out of it 😊

  1. Avatar 16th September 2017 / 6:37 PM

    The dinosaur mug is cool 🙂 ! Congrats on getting that apprenticeship, Adell! Getting a job and working after school is not a bad thing, those gazillion years ago I also did an apprenticeship directly after school. and I’ve been working for my company ever since. It will be 30 years on Oct 1st 😉 Have a good weekend! Marcus

    • adell 16th September 2017 / 6:45 PM

      Thank you! Oh that’s wonderful what did you do you do an apprenticeship in? How did you find the whole experience! And congratulations for hitting such a great milestone. 😊

      • Avatar 16th September 2017 / 7:07 PM

        I did an apprenticeship in financial controlling! For me it was hitting the jackpot. I’m still friends with some of my peers from back then, and even happily married to one 😉 ! Building on that foundation I changed jobs within the company about every 3 years, was able to work various jobs abroad and eventually built a career in the field I’m working in now, the acquisition and integration of other companies into our big “mothership”. In the end, I never regretted not going to university.

        • adell 16th September 2017 / 7:24 PM

          That’s lovely you married someone you met from your Apprenticeship! I think it’s great to have a bit of a job refresh it keeps things interesting and I can imagine you learnt so much.

  2. Avatar 16th September 2017 / 7:08 PM

    NIce that you found a job in the career of your choice. I am a retired Architect and my late wife was also a Graphic Artist although in advertising. I love photography but have never gotten good at using Photoshop, I use Lightroom only for editing my travel photos. Keep it up, she went to a trade school for her instruction, got a job right away upon graduating and loved going to work everyday as you are. Have some great times with life.

    • adell 16th September 2017 / 7:31 PM

      Did you enjoy being an architect? That’s lovely that your wife was in a creative field doing what she loved everyday.

      I love photography also but I’m yet to get into Lightroom that is something I am yet to learn. So I’m in the opposite situation, do you have any recommendations on how to get started with lightroom?

      • Avatar 17th September 2017 / 12:13 AM

        Just open Lightroom and try it. It is easy to use. No layers just manipulates the photo in a non-destructive way, unlike Photoshop. If you open a photo in photoshop and get Camera Raw open, Lightroom is very similar to Camera Raw but a bit more powerful. My wife always just used Photoshop on manipulating our travel photos as that is what she used everyday. SO use what you are comfortable with. There are many tutorials on Lightroom just check the internet, that’s how I learned.
        I enjoyed designing buildings but after 45 years I am happy to be retired. Having my own business since 1995 has taken a lot out of me.
        Yes we were both in creative fields with very similar interests: history, architecture, art, culture….. So travels were fairly easy to plan.
        On my about page you can read about her and our life follow the link). It was a great time I will always cherish.
        Happy travels to you.

  3. Avatar 16th September 2017 / 10:00 PM

    Congratulations on getting a job you’ll love 🙂 Adorable cups too!!

  4. Avatar 17th September 2017 / 6:44 PM

    Congratulations on getting your first job! I would love to see more of your work / art 🙂

    • adell 17th September 2017 / 6:49 PM

      Thanks I’ll be sure to do a blog post soon on watercolour painting and graphic design 😊

  5. Avatar 18th September 2017 / 5:08 PM

    Congratulations on your job! I think it’s great that you are doing an apprenticeship. Design is more of a trade, so learning hands-on seems like the right move to me. And you’re clearly learning/doing a great job because those mugs are lovely! Keep up the good work. 🙂 xxx

    P.S. Your new blog theme is gorgeous. The color is perfect for autumn and your new header is so pretty. xx

    • adell 18th September 2017 / 6:23 PM

      It’s a lot of fun designing things i really love doing it, and thanks for noticing the theme change I felt like it was time to get in the autumn mood 🤗🍂 xxx

  6. Avatar 23rd September 2017 / 7:20 AM

    That sounds like a wonderful job and it is great that you’ve had a positive experience! I decided to take a last minute gap year before uni because I realised I was not happy with my uni choice and didn’t want to waste three years and get into loads of debt because of something I didn’t particularly enjoy. Hence, now I am looking for basic part time jobs to undertake while I prepare my uni far I’ve had two interviews and both were disastrous as I was so nervous! Although, that’s a more reasonable justification for my failure than music taste hahah.
    Have a great weekend girl! x

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