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Llandudno, Wales | Day 2

Llandudno, Wales | Day 2

Onwards to the second day exploring and having a wonderful time in Llandudno with my mum. This day started off with something neither me and mum had ever done before. It was one of the highlights to the week and by far, one of my favourite days there. It was our first full day to explore Llandudno and we sure we made the most out of it. Be sure to read the blog post about Day 1 at Llandudno so you know what I got up to.

Day 2

After tucking into a hearty breakfast me and mum headed out into the town which was where I brought the Yellow Raincoat, after exiting the shop I noticed the cable cars were running on top of the Great Orme. So onwards we went up a very steep hill to get to the top, it is a bit of a hike up but the walk was worth it. We didn’t have to wait to long to get on and off we went. The cost of the cable car return wasn’t the cheapest at £10 each but it was something me and mum have never experienced before so we seized the opportunity.

The view from the top of the Orme was beautiful, it was lovely to see somewhere I am so familiar with from a different perspective. The journey up was really calming as you slowly progressed up to the top which meant you had plenty of time to soak in the views and enjoy the scenery around you. Me and mum got a return trip so instead of getting off at the top we just continued with our journey back down. With the Cable Cars you do need to be aware that they do not run every single day or even for a full day. If the wind is too strong or the weather is too bad then they will not run. Other options to get to the top of the Great Orme includes a tram which costs the same amount.

The ride in total lasted about 30 minutes which was more than enough time for us to take plenty of pictures of course. On the way back down me and mum chose to take a different path. This meant we could see more views of the town and the pier. Whilst heading down I went up to the hill directly next to the cable cars to enjoy the view out over the Llandudno with the Welsh Mountains in the backdrop. The weather went quite nice that day which meant you could see for a few miles.

But before heading down the hill this red and black ‘thing’ got my attention as it was flying amongst the flowers at speed. So of course, I chased after it. Determined to get a picture of it I wasn’t giving up until it stopped long enough for me to get a picture of it. So there I was looking crazy with my camera in hand, running round in circles but sure enough I was able to get a picture.

I later found out that the ‘thing’ I was chasing was a Six-spot Burnet which is a really pretty moth commonly found in Britain between June to August. After finally getting the photograph me and mum decided to head back down the hill and back along Llandudno Promenade. This was where I decided to go on a Boat Trip around the Great Orme. There are two types of boat trips, a fast speed boat taking you across to the Little Orme or a Fishing Boat which takes you along the pier and next to the Great Orme, this one lasts for twenty minutes and it is a more scenic and relaxing journey.

I chose to go on the more calming boat trip so I could get better pictures as well as the trip itself lasting longer. This was £4 which isn’t too badly priced and the cost is the same for either boat trip. It was nice to see the Great Orme and the Pier from the water as it another thing I saw for the first time from a different perspective.

Of course, I was the only one to get soaked by water!! It is just my luck. The water was quite rough so the boat was bobbing up and down a fair bit and on one of the occasions the water splashed up and I got drowned. It went all over my phone, camera, my new coat and of course in my mouth (yuck) but luckily it didn’t damage anything and my coat was waterproof so the droplet just rolled away.

After that trip it was time to tuck into lunch. We first looked at Harvey’s which is a New York Bar and Grill but the prices there was a bit expensive so two shops down was the Town House Pub, it was nice and quiet in there and wasn’t as packed as other restaurants. Not to mention they was offering similar meals at cheaper prices, but of course the standard ‘pub meals’ was also available. It was better value for money and the portion sizes was more than enough.

After that we retreated back to the hotel for a while so mum could catch up on some sleep and I could watch some YouTube and enjoy the views for a while. The bay window really offered some lovely views. A few hours had passed by and mum awoke from her beauty sleep so it was time for me and mum to explore the beach.

The tide had gone out which left a strip of sand to walk on. Llandudno has quite a lot of pebbles on the beach but there is a sandy section by the pier that children can play in and when the tide goes out there is more sandy patches.

If you want to stay in the Llandudno area but go to a beach that has more sand and is a little more quiet then the West Beach is perfect. It is just a 10 minute drive, a 30 minute walk or a bus ride to the other side of Llandudno and is just as nice. There is a park for children to play in, toilets and restaurants near by not to mention the sandy shore and stunning views.

I’m not a little child anymore so playing in sand doesn’t interest me, it is still nice to walk on and it brings back so many fond memories but I am more interested in taking pictures.

I had fun experimenting with different angles and perspectives and using the reflections left from the tide. We stayed out there for a while before it was time to head in for tea. For the second evening I had a chicken dinner for the main course and for pudding a Chocolate Mouse Cheesecake. The food was always presented very well, they really love putting herbs on food at the hotel.

After having food it was time to head back out again to take more pictures, this time the pictures was of the sunset. It was more beautiful than the first day and the sky turned into a lovey array of colours. Me and mum was out till about half 9 at night when the last hints of light was fading into the night sky. The best sunsets you will ever sea are at the seaside or in the mountains. The vast landscapes really makes it a sight to behold.

The day concluded with a hot shower and then being wrapped up in a cosy blanket, it was a lovely second day at Llandudno and there was still a few more days to go.

Be sure to stay tuned for Day 3 tomorrow from my trip to Llandudno. I hope you are enjoying reading about my recent adventure to North Wales. Which is you favourite Seaside destination to visit in your own country??

Adell x


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