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Llandudno, Wales | Day 1

Llandudno, Wales | Day 1

Off I go again on another exciting adventure! This time I am travelling to North Wales with my mum. This was a trip we booked about 2 months ago and Monday was finally the day when the journey began. I took some of my own advice from my blog post ‘The Collective’ and went back to a place that I truly love and a place that feels like home. I really had a lovely time and I cannot wait for my next adventure back to Wales.

For this trip, me and mum decided to go to our favourite seaside location, Llandudno. If any of you have been to Brighton then Llandudno is very similar in terms of the pebble beach, the shops and Victorian Style buildings, it is just the Welsh version. This trip was different, we usually drive to Llandudno and stay for the day before heading off home, but for this holiday we stopped for a week meaning I could experience seeing the sun set and sun rise over the horizon for the very first time. This was quite a special moment for me… you would think by 18 I would have at least seen the sunset over the sea at least once but there was always a long journey home which meant leaving in the late afternoon.

For this holiday me and mum chose to book the holiday through Shearings, a travel coach company with package holidays in the UK, Europe and worldwide. You can easily get to Llandudno by car or train but I don’t think I could cope driving there just yet as a learner driver and a train would be too expensive. So Shearings seemed like the best option as the travel, hotel and half board was all included in the cost of the trip.

Day One:

Oh, boy was it another early start and long days travelling, you would think I would be used to it from the 24-hour coach journey to Austria but making long journeys do take their toll on you whether that is by coach or plane. We set off just after 7 am for the ride up to the interchange which is where you go to catch a second coach which then takes you to your destination. You can book your seats in advance and me and mum got the front two, so we had all of the best views.

When we arrived we were briefed on excursions throughout the week to the surrounding areas but me and mum chose not to do that as we are very familiar with North Wales and decided we could visit some of those places in the future when I can drive us up there and spend a full day exploring and taking pictures. All of our luggage was moved for us which was nice so all we had to do was load it to the pickup coach and it was outside the rooms ready for check-in.

When we arrived at 12 pm the check-in time wasn’t for another 3 hours so we just went off and explored the area and did a bit of a shop along Mostyn Street, which is the main high street in Llandudno for shopping. We then wandered onto the picturesque pier to soak up the views and the sun.

This is just a warning if you choose to go to Llandudno… BEWARE OF THE SEAGULLS!! I was sitting there enjoying my ice cone chatting to my mum when seagulls attacked a family opposite from us. They were just enjoying eating their doughnuts and crabbing off the pier but it didn’t take long before a hoard of birds swooped down and stole the food. The seagulls have gotten rather clever lately, they have gone past eating food from the floor, they are clever enough to steal food straight from your hands but what they do attack you if you are hiding food so you drop it on the ground. This opens the opportunity for them to steal it. So just be aware of the hungry birds.

After having a good laugh at the family and taking a fair few pictures it was time to head back to the hotel to check out the room. Mum upgraded the room to a sea view which was so amazing as you could see the Great Orme, the Pier and the Little Orme. The room itself was really nice it was modern looking but the main focus of the room was obviously the view. The hallway was a little bit cramped when trying to get in and out of the lift but that was the only annoyance with the hotel. One thing that this hotel offers is a swimming pool, this is not too common among hotels in Llandudno so this was an extra feature that was offered. The video below was the view from the hotel room to the left-hand side of the promenade where you can see the pier overlooked by the Great Orme. It was so lovely to sit in the bay window and just soak up the views. The Hotel that we stayed in was the Marine Bay Hotel.

After unpacking our bags it wasn’t long before it was time for tea, the overall food at the hotel was good, the options were little limited but there is no complaints in terms of presentation or taste wise. After having a three-course meal it was time for a few more explorations for the evening. Breakfast at the hotel was my favourite as it is an all you can eat… cereal, full English, fruit juice or hot drinks means you can have as much as your stomach desires.

As me and mum headed towards the pier the most beautiful music filled the air it was so lovely. The sun was setting, the waves were crashing into the shore and the seagulls were flying around. It made me realise how grateful I was to be at Llandudno and how much I love Wales as it was such a calming evening. As me and mum walked further along the promenade we discovered the music was coming from Llandudno’s Bandstand, they were playing classic and well-recognised songs.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The walk down to the beach concluded the first day at Llandudno, the sunset was subtle but there was still a few more evenings to come to see a fierce sunset. And as always I have taken too many pictures and I have too much to write about for it all to be included in just one blog post so be sure to stay tuned for the following blog posts on what I did each day at Llandudno.

If you would like to get a sense of the place feel free to watch the videos as it will give you an idea of what it was like there for me. You can visit my YouTube Channel – HERE

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      It was lovely thank you for taking the time to read 💞

      • Avatar 12th August 2017 / 9:44 PM

        No problem, I really enjoyed all the wonderful photos.

        If you have any time I would love your opinion on my blog. I only started it a few weeks ago, so any feedback is welcome.

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