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Clinique Acne Skincare | Review

Clinique Acne Skincare | Review

On a recent shopping trip with my mom we visited Debenhams, a department store in the United Kingdom which carries a lot of different brands. One of those was Clinique and I am sure all of you are aware of what this brand does and some of the products they sell. In this blog post I will be talking about my first impressions with this product and what I hope to achieve after using it for a set period of time.

First Impressions

Clinique products have quite a high price point especially for someone who hasn’t really purchased many ‘high-end’ skin care products. This has put me off the brand in the past and resulted in me not purchasing their products. So obviously my first impression of the Clinique was the cost of these items.

Putting that aside I had a really positive experience at the Clinique counter. One of the women took the time to find out my skin type through me answering a few questions and we came to the conclusion of which products would be best suited for my skin. The next step was a trial of how to use the products on my face, the lady removed my makeup then explained how each product works, in what order to use them in and how to apply them onto my face. After that she applied some Clinique Foundation which has been specially formulated for those who suffer with acne. I was pleasantly surprised to find a foundation that matched my pale complexion. One other positive to my experience at the counter was the free samples I was given which I was quite happy to receive.

The cost of purchasing these products in full would have been a very expensive shopping day, but I was released to find out there was a travel size of the items which meant I could get a taster of the items to see whether they worked for me as well as seeing if it made any improvement to my skin without committing to a full-sized product. At the end of my session I decided I would purchase the Anti-Blemish Solutions in the travel size so I could give it a good go with my skin, I also chose to purchase the Anti-Blemish Solutions ‘Clinical’ as I felt this would really help target those pesky spots! Maybe on my next visit to Clinique I’ll purchase the foundation but I wanted to use up my L’Oreal True Match Foundation first and do a bit more reading up before I buy it.

Two Weeks On

After the first week of using the solutions I did notice a small change. My skin was clearing up a bit and I wasn’t getting as many fresh breakouts. My face was still red from the scarring but overall it worked to a certain extent. It wasn’t a magical solution and my skin was perfectly clear the next day but its the slight changes you see. I guess because of the price point I was expecting a bit more from the products. It was only the first week so I wanted to give it a fair trial.

At the end of the second week I noticed any texture on my skin was evening out and the spots were a lot less pronounced. Which I guess is a positive but now the breakouts are not confined to one particular area. Instead it spread to more areas on my face which I wasnt to pleased about as that area to heal as fast as what my T-Zone does.

I noticed a few people complaining this product dries out skin too much to be used twice a day, but I have used more drying acne products in the past so this wasnt really an issue for me yet. I think what is really helping my skin the most is a regular cleaning regime. Before I never really paid too much attention to my skin… until it became a problem and now I’m trying to fight back at it. Like sure my skin was clean and free from dirt but it never really had that ‘deep cleanse’ on a regular basis.

Overall I think Clinique have really simplified the cleaning regime with the 1-2-3 step process and it really encourages you to follow through and ensure you take the time to really care for your skin. The differences I have seen are positive enough to continue through till the products are empty. I may repurchase them if my skin has seen a noticable change by the end of the month but I might try a few cheaper skincare options to see if I can save some cash.


Clinique Products Mentioned

If you have any skincare reccomendations do let me know if they have helped to clear those pesky spots. Have you tried Clinique if so what was you experience/ results in using their porducts. 
Adell x



  1. Avatar 5th August 2017 / 6:56 PM

    I’m with you when it comes to the price range but I’m glad it worked for you hun….great review.

    • adell 5th August 2017 / 6:57 PM

      You mostly pay for the brand name, my wallet wasn’t too happy with me after this purchase 😂

  2. Avatar 7th August 2017 / 8:01 PM

    I have tried few cliniques products but none of these. I am tempted to try more of their products but they are kinda expensive indeed! Great review xx

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