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The Best Products To Get Healthy Hair

The Best Products To Get Healthy Hair

I’m breaking up the travel posts about Amsterdam for today to space them out a bit. As there is still a few more blog posts to come about that holiday. I will also be going on some amazing adventures in the following weeks to come so keep an eye out for those as well. In todays blog post I wanted to talk about how to keep hair healthy whilst picking products that are not damaging.

Keeping hair looking amazing and maintaining it can take a bit of time and research, but having the right product from the start can really help. I haven’t given my hair much thought in the past but recently I have been taking the time to look after it and make sure it can be as healthy as possible. After a trip to a hair salon, I was given a lot of good advice that I thought was too good not to share and it made me realise all of the little things that can help hair remain healthy.

For years I had been using whatever shampoo was on offer in the shops and I never really gave that a second thought. Some products made my hair feel amazingly soft and smooth so I tended to sway more to them without realising what I was actually putting on my head. The only problem with this was the way it was making my hair feel was only temporary and the long term effects resulted in a product build up, dull looking locks and hair that could not last more than a day without being washed.

Whilst chatting to the hairdresser the conversation of products I used came up. I went through the shampoos and conditioners that I was using on my hair and the hairdresser then explained why these products was bad for your hair and the reasons why I had hair that could not last more than one day without being washed. The main problem with the products I was using was the inclusion of ‘Sulphates’ and ‘Silicones’.

If you don’t know what Sulphates are, they are detergents used to make the shampoo lather up. The function of sulphates is to remove all the grease and dirt from hair. It has high cleaning power coupled up with the low price means it is a common ingredient in many hair products. With continued use Sulphates can cause dryness, weakened hair and irritation. Which really isn’t good for you hair especially when you use these shampoos over a long period of time. It eliminates natural oils the scalp produces, this means more oils need to get produced to compensate for the loss. Hence why hair might get greasy faster and this is what was happening to me.

And that silky smooth feeling I was getting after washing my hair was just caused from the silicones, these created a superficial layer and didn’t contribute to the actual health of the hair itself. With the prolonged use of silicones the product accumulates in the hair, making it get dirty faster and it just looks terrible. These silicones prevent the skin and hair from breathing, making it difficult for cells to regenerate.

As soon as I finished from the hair appointment I went around some shops in the hunt for Sulphate and Silicone free shampoo. I stumbled across the Charles Worthington Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner This stood out to me because not only does it have an amazing frangrance it didn’t contain the chemicals that had been causing issues for my hair in the past. It also kept my hair feeling amazing afterwards.

Admittedly this is the most I have ever spent on hair products when you compare it to the £2 shampoos and conditioners I am used to. But I am now washing my hair every other day so not only am I using less product in the sense I am washing my hair less but my hair is able to last the extra day without being as greasy at it used to be. But the benefits of healthier looking hair without the bad ingredients involved.

A few things to be aware of if you choose to switch from regular shampoo to Sulphate and Silicone free shampoo is the adaptation period. This basically means your hair will need to just adapt to its own natural oils as these will not be stripped away by the Sulphate. Your hair might get a little bit oily a little faster but this isn’t going to be a long term issue. If you find this is happening then there are two options to help resolve it…

  1. The easy go to option is a classic Dry Shampoo, these are really affordable options from Batiste. It is something I have been using for years and it really helps when hair is looking a little too oily. My favourite Batiste Dry Shampoo is Fresh, but there are also options for Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black hair. But also a Small Travel Option to take with you on the go. The best time to use dry shampoo is before you hair gets oily as it can soak up the oils better than trying to remove them from hair that already has oil in it.
  2. Another option that doesn’t require any additional products in your hair is a simple braid or bun. It keeps hair out the way and won’t look as greasy as it would if your hair was down. So this can help to mask any oils in your hair.

Another thing to keep in mind with any shampoo that is Sulphate free is the fact they do not lather up. Some people may struggle with this as they might not feel like their hair is being cleansed but shampoos that lather up are purely down to the chemicals used. You could even wash your hair twice with Sulphate free shampoo as this is less damaging than normal shampoo and can really help to remove dirt and oil the first time whilst the second time round cleanses. Just make sure hair is fully saturated with water before applying the shampoo.

This has been my blogpost on how I have been able to obtain healthier hair by making one simple switch in my routine.

Do you use Sulphate and Silicone free shampoo, how have you found the change for you? Or have you ever thought about the chemicals in the shampoos you use, have I changed your mind?? Feel free to let me know!

Adell x



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