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Birthday in Amsterdam | Day 2

Birthday in Amsterdam | Day 2

The second day in Amsterdam was the day I turned 18, I had a full day to explore the area and see all of the places that I wanted to visit. This was a very exciting day for me and I was looking forward to everything that I got planned. Be sure to read my blog post on the first day in Amsterdam before continuing with this one.

08.30 | Breakfast Time!

The first thing on the agenda for the day was to grab a good hearty breakfast. For me nothing beats an English Breakfast. After a short trip on the tram, me and Jonatan arrived at Greenwoods. It was in a really cute area with some adorable shops nearby where I purchased the most adorable earrings in Rose Gold (of course).

They had a really good selection of food for breakfast time including some options for vegetarians. For my breakfast I ordered ‘The Big Breakfast’ it cost €13.95. This was a little expensive in my opinion and I didn’t have the eggs as I don’t like them, this meant I got less for my money and they didn’t offer any swops for other foods such as extra mushrooms. A bit of a shame really but the food was still nice. But overall it was a nice meal and a good start to the day. They offer a lot of dishes with eggs in, so if you like eggs then this would be really good for you.

09.40 | One With Nature

I was so EXCITED for this!!! I saw a picture on social media about a year ago and it was of the beautiful botanical gardens I had ever seen… and if I’m honest with you guys this first peaked my interest with Amsterdam and was one of the initial reasons as to why I wanted to go to Amsterdam in the first place. The place that we visited after breakfast was De Hortus Botanicus. It was very easy to get to, with a few more stops ahead taking you to the Artis Zoo.

When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how calm the area was compared to the city centre, it had a more relaxed atmosphere with a friendly environment for families and children. When we went into the gardens we was only charged a student rate meaning it cost us €5 each, but the cost for an adult is €9 each which still makes this an affordable destination for all the family.

You never have to wait long in line to gain access to this place so you can start exploring almost immediately. But I’m going to save all of the details and amazing photographs of this place for another blog post as there is just too many pictures and too much to talk about to be covered in this blog post alone.

12.00 | FreakShakes and Curly Fries

After a good wander around the Botanical Gardens we had built up an bit of an appetite for a good snack. So we made our way to the very well known ‘Bulls and Dogs‘. They chose a really good Graphic Designer to complete their branding, I loved how the print continued from the Menu onto the paper that covered the serving board.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

When we first walked in there was opaque plastic curtains similar to the kind you find at a butchers that you needed to walk through. This confused me at first as you don’t come across that everyday especially in a restaurant. One positive to this meant no flies where able to get in and cause annoyance with them flying around you.

It is a little chilly inside so make sure you bring a cardigan or jacket to keep warm as I went very cold when I was in there. It was quite busy when we walked in with a few spare tables left, it had a cosy dark vibe to it with dark walls but a large window that brings in plenty of light.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Let’s just take a moment to talk about how good the milkshakes actually were. If you don’t know a freakshake is a mixture of a drink and desert in one mouth watering combination. I have never had a freakshake before so this was a really nice experience for me. The drink that I chose was the Fantastic Carmel Frenzy, this was a very sweet drink but it was soooo yummy, Jonatan had a Dutch Cookie Wookie which was a very delicious drink, it tasted so good. The drinks rim were coated in Peanut Butter with the appropriate treat stuck to them and were topped with caramel drizzle and cream. On the side we had curly fries, which always beats regular fries in my opinion as well as the classic mayonnaise that tastes so much better in Amsterdam than it does back at home.

16.30 | Europes Highest Swing

After heading back to the hotel, I was able to put on a warmer jacket as the day did get a little cooler as it went on. The weather really wasn’t the best when we went to Amsterdam, but being a ‘Typical Brit’ I didn’t mind the cold or the spots of rain as I have become accustomed to that over the years. So I was thankful I grabbed the coat as the afternoon went on.

After stopping off at the hotel and exploring the local area for a while it was time for the exciting event of the day. We was going to swing over the edge of the A’Dam Lookout, this was Europes Highest Swing! This is another activity that is just too good to explain in this blog post alone so keep an eye out for a blog post talking about my experience!

But look how amazing this was, we was swinging high in the sky and just embraced the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam. If we waited a few more hours we would have seen the most beautiful sunset of the city but we had already moved on to other fun activities.

I also celebrated turning 18 by ordering my self a cocktail. This was a little strong but was also quite a sweet cocktail. The cocktail was called ‘June Bug‘ and honestly I don’t think you can beat a view like that. Who wants to go to a sweaty, cramped nightclub when you can have a relaxed, mature drink with the most stunning views around. I know which one I would choose any day. It was the perfect birthday drink and was just a great experience to remember.

19.20 | Evening Boat Cruise

Last stop of the day was a spontaneous one. If any of you have read the London Blog Post this may seem like a little déjà vu. Yes, me and Jonatan went on another Boat Cruise but this time we explored the Canals of Amsterdam instead of the Thames. It was so lovely learning about the history of the houses that run along the waters edge it was very educational but was also a relaxing end to a very busy day. We got to see more of the city that we wouldn’t have been able to have seen otherwise and was worth every penny.

After the canal cruise we was greeted with a stunning sunset along the skyline, which we stopped and admired before making the journey back to the hotel. This was a lovely end to an amazing 18th Birthday and of course we finished the day with Pizza! I shall see you in the next blog post which covers the last day I spent in Amsterdam.

Have any of you been to any of these places that I mentioned? If you have been to Amsterdam what was your favourite place to visit?

Adell x



  1. Avatar 22nd July 2017 / 6:53 PM

    Your photos are so perfect! And the food, ohmygod it looks so good! Defintely have to get that freak shake next time I go to Amsterdam. ( so bad I am Dutch and I didn’t even know about that swing, but it looks really cool!). Hope you had a lovely trip and happy belated birthday! xxx

    • Avatar 26th July 2017 / 12:00 PM

      The food was lovely, and I really recommend the Dutch Cookie Wookie it is such a tasty milkshake! I did have a lovely time and thank you for the birthday wishes xxx

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