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How To Survive High School?

How To Survive High School?

It’s officially the end of high school for me, I left today for study leave, and I’ve already planned the future ahead. After spending most of my life in education, I am quite excited to leave and embrace what the rest of the world has to offer. I have definitely learnt a lot of things along the way and thought this blog might help those of you starting school or sixth form and just need a bit of guidance along the way. Here’s some of my top tips for surviving high school….

1. Purchase a Planner

This is one thing that is essential for staying organised and remembering any assignments or deadlines. When you have a lot of lessons it can get a bit overwhelming. The best way to stay on top of things is to write them down and really prioritise the tasks which need doing first. If you want to see what planner I use then check out my Stationary Favourties.

2. Study Well in Advance

You really don’t want to leave revision to the night or week before your exam. Try to dedicate a small portion of time each night to read over class notes/ revision books and make notes on them. By doing little bits over time it wont seem so intense when exams come hurtling round the corner. Just make sure to keep revisiting those notes to refresh your memory.

3. Take Time To Relax and Socialise

I am not the best example for this as I have spent many hours revising without socialising or interacting with family or friends and I do not reccomend this in anyway. So make sure you put the revision books down and take time to enjoy the company around you.

4. Preparing the Night Before

Its easy to stay up late as a teenager, video games, revision and phones are all factors which lead to a very late night. This makes it difficult to get up in the mornings and could make you late for school. My reccomendation here is to pack your bag the night before so you can ‘grab and go‘. It also makes you more organised and ensures you have everything you need. Without sounding too much like a mom here, try and get an early night sleep can really help with productivity and memorisation… your brain will thank you.

5. Have Fun

Despite the stresses of exams and deadlines, school can be a really wonderful place. Education is so empowering, but this can be overshadowed by the pressure teens are put under. When you look past this, it really isn’t a bad place, you don’t have too many responsibilities with the added bonus of socialising with friends. This is something you will never have the opportunity to have again.

For me I chose to pick subjects I loved and was passionate about. For my A-Levels I chose Fine Art, Media Studies and Design Technology. Even though these relate well with the career path I want to follow, it might be worth considering subjects you enjoy. You want to get the most out of your time there so really consider your future and which options you want to pick. If this isn’t an option then make sure you still make time for hobbies on the side, otherwise thats no fun.

Are you still at school, if so what year are you in and what subjects are you taking? If you have left school, what was your experience like and what has it taught you?

Adell x


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  1. Avatar 27th May 2017 / 9:20 PM

    Fantastic advice! Also applies to university in so many ways! I also think we have all learnt from our mistakes of doing work the night before… oops! I have definitely got a lot better recently when it comes to planning time out to do work, getting it done early and not stressing too much xx

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