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What To Take Skiing?

What To Take Skiing?

I’ve just come back from an amazing week of skiing in Austria and I thought I would do a useful blog post on what to pack. I purchased the clothing over the year, keeping an eye out for sales and special offers in places such as DecathlonAldi and Lidl. For your packing list, I’ll start from the top and work down for all the things you will need to take.


1. A Helmet

As this was my first time as a skier, the boots, skis and poles were hired. But I did get a helmet as I knew I would get a more comfortable fit. It is also a more hygienic option in my opinion but you don’t really need to get one as helmets can also be hired too.

2. Ski Googles + Sunglasses 

A staple in a ski outfit is a pair of googles. These are a must, especially with the bright snow on the slopes creating harsh reflections that can damage your eyes. The ones which I got was from Aldi, for a great price of £10 and they work great.

Do not forget the sunglasses. These will be needed when walking around the town or relaxing on the resort.

3. Hat + Gloves

Ski gloves are a must, they are waterproof, thermal and help when gripping on to the poles. Trying to buy them at the Ski Resort will cost significantly more so make sure you purchase them before your trip. Pack a second pair of Winter gloves for when you’re not on the slopes.

4. Face Mask + Neck Tube

A face mask is useful for the chilly, freezing wind at higher elevations. A neck tube can be purchased for a few pounds. They’re a fabric tube, like a snood, that fits around your neck to protect your face and cheeks from the cold. They’re a lot more streamline and lightweight than a scarf helping to keep things more compact.

5. Sunscreen + Lip Balm

This might be overlooked by many, but if you want to avoid a painful sunburn make sure you pack sunscreen, SPF 30 minimum. The snow acts as one larger reflector and bounces the rays directly into your face, it really isn’t fun to get sunburnt. You will be surprised how much moisturiser and lip balm you get through!

6. Base Layers

I stuggled at first figuring out what I should wear as a base layer. I purchased a few long sleeve thermal tops and bottoms, but gym clothes proved to be a good alternative. If you don’t want to go out and spend too much money on purchasing ski specific clothes, any gym wear you have would be fine.

7. Mid Layers + Outer Layers

Mid layers are great for helping to provide that little extra touch of warmth when needed. For the outerwear I purchased a basic jacket and trousers as I needed them to provide practicality. Ski Jackets are different to regular coats as they are waterproof, thermal insulated, breathable and windproof to suit the changing weathers.  The jacket is worn on every day so make sure you find something you are comfortable in.

8. Thermal Socks

These are another must have. Make sure you choose long, warm and breathable socks to help keep your toes toasty warm and dry. It also helps to stop rubbing and blisters from the Ski Boots. If your going for a week make sure you bring about 6 pairs with you.

9. Snow Boots / Walking Boots 

In between skiing, there will be chance to walk around the ski resort and explore the local area. Chances are, there will be snow in the town.  Trainers aren’t really appropriate here, so find some waterproof and snow friendly boots with a good grip. I chose to take my trusted and beloved pair of hiking boots. I’ve had them for a few months now and I absolutely adore them to pieces, such a wonderful design and so comfortable. The boots I have are waterproof and offer plenty of grip when walking around. I recommend the boots to everyone, Hi Tec is a wonderful company.

10. Casual Clothes

You won’t be skiing all the time so remember to pack causal clothes for the evenings. Make sure you pack cosy clothes like jumpers and jeans. The ski resort I went to had swimming facilities, so check what’s on offer where your staying so you can get the most out of your trip. The hot pool really helps to calm your muscles.

11. Backpack

Backpacks are great when you want to carry a few extra things that won’t fit in your jacket. Try and find a bag which is waterproof, but if not carry a few carrier bags inside your backpack so your items have an extra layer of protection from getting soaked. Things you can pack in there includes a camera, water bottle, sun cream and a spare base layer.

Other things I would recommend packing in your backpack…

Portable Phone Charger can extend the life of your phone especially since the cold is very draining on lithium batteries. Make sure you keep electricals and leads inside a dry seal proof bag.

A small First Aid Kit is always useful for minor cuts, headaches or aches and pains.

One final item I would recommend especially if you use your phone for taking pictures on your ski trip would be a Waterproof Case. Using one will prevent any water damage. The one which I use has a Lifetime Guarantee, so no worries there.

12. Extra’s

The last few things on this list are worth including.

If you don’t have Spotify Premium or music downloaded on your devices, Spotify’s Free Trial is worth a shot. You can listen to music on the go without using up your internet.

Since I feel the cold more than most I took a hot water bottle with me and hand warmers which were stuffed into my coat pockets. Not really an essential for most, but it helped to keep me cosy warm.

Last but not least, don’t forget your toiletries. This adorable little makeup set is something I recently purchased for the trip. It’s so cute.

I hope this blog post is useful for those of you planning to go Skiing. Make sure you tune in for next weeks blog post which is a travel diary on my recent Ski Trip to Austria.

Have any of you gone Skiing? If so how old were you when you first went? 

Adell x



  1. Avatar 21st June 2017 / 7:49 PM

    These tips are just awesome. I found them very helpful and useful!

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