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Art Explorations

Art Explorations

Art galleries are wonderful places to visit. Filled with so much creativity and thought provoking pieces. Many of you know about the TATE, an iconic art gallery in Central London, but it’s the smaller galleries that I have been exploring.

The minimal walls and stunning architecture makes these galleries so calming to explore. This blog post covers two art galleries in my local area, where I have taken time to explore these places. If you feel inspired why don’t you pay a visit to your local art galleries. You might just be surprised. 

This figure below was impressive to see in person, and was on such a large scale. The picture is quite deceiving. It’s always amazing to see what work people are able to create and how we all have our own special set of skills and what we choose to do with them.

Not only is the art work stunning, but the layout of the galleries, and the stark white, minimal walls compliments the creations so well. The selection of paintings in the photo below were from local artists who submitted their work to be displayed in the gallery.

Whilst visiting a second art gallery I was able to discover works on a more colossal scale. This room showcased a large canvas which filled the entire wall.

There’s always new art installations so it’s best to keep and eye out to see if any artists you like make an appearance there or pieces of work which intrigue you. The photo below was one artist I stumbled across which related really well to my recent art topic.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to check out your local art galleries and see what all the artists have been able to create.

What is your favourite painting or artist? 

Adell x


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