What I’ve Learnt From Blogmas?

So this month hasn’t been the smoothest sailing for Blogmas, I’m just going to admit it… I’ve missed a few days and there hasn’t been a consistent posting schedule. It began with all the best intentions and aspirations. But as the month has drawn on life has just got in the way. December is a stressful time but it is so exciting and festive. So here is my Blogmas Review, and how things went in the past month.

This is my first year doing Blogmas. It was a challenge for me to take on going from writing two blog posts a week to seven. Looking back, two blog posts a week seem so easy compared to what I have been ‘trying’ this past month. I am five days from the end, so it was time to reflect on this journey.

I first heard about Blogmas back in October, so there wasn’t really to much thought put into it. When November came around I started jotting a few ideas down. I got a rough idea of what I wanted to write. The one thing that I really didn’t give enough thought was the shortened hours in the day with light. Because I work 9-5 it means that every evening the lighting is too dark to take any decent photos.

This is the one thing that has caused a lot of issues as I have struggled to take my own photographs. A lot of ideas that I had for Blogmas were projects, these all require photos of steps not to mention the final product. So daylight was so important for that. One thing to take away from this is to be more organised. The main thing is ensuring that photos are taken in advance.

My downfall was the fact that I didn’t start writing soon enough. Even if you can’t get pictures until a later date, having the backbone of a blogpost will make life so much easier. All you would need to do is add the photos and hit publish. The issue is, life gets busy, it’s December so you find yourself running last minute shopping errands or visiting family.

December is a busy enough time as it is, let alone adding the challenge of writing a new Blog post every single day. Being organised and on top of things is one the most important factors. That wasn’t the issue, it was finding the time to actually write them. At the start of the month, I was doing so well with me being ahead and getting a Blog Post up for the next day. But time caught up with me, so one massive heads up for next year is to make sure there are a few Blog Posts all ready to go in case you run out of time.

The main issue was me not being fully prepared and organised in time for Blogmas. Next year, I can see myself starting to write Blogmas posts a few weeks in advance. This will remove any stress in trying to get something written for each day. I took a dive into the deep end, and tried something new. You can recap on the Blogmas posts from the past 25 days > here

What have you learned from Blogmas, is it something you are thinking of doing next year?

Adell x



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