Behind The Scenes 

Behind The Scenes 

With many things in my life, I like to plan things out so I can be prepared. This includes trips and daily to do lists. This process also applies to my blog posts, I like to follow a similar process when publishing a post and I thought it would be interesting to share this with you.

1| Initial Ideas

At the start of each month I like to sit down with my planner and come up with a few ideas. I usually get my inspiration from a range of sources. A great start is looking at seasonal trends so you can post things that are up to date and interesting for your readers.

Usually I like to colour code my blog post ideas so I can get a mixture of topics which cover a range of things. This collection allows me to cover my different subjects without being too bias. By keeping this list you can also see things that you’ve already posted and those which are coming up. You won’t be caught off guard then. There’s no better feeling than ticking off the blog posts you’ve completed!

2 | Photography / Flat Lays

By now I think you might have realised I love photography, I pretty much take pictures of everything! Once the idea has been chosen and I know what I want to talk about, I then move onto taking and editing photos. The most fun part of the whole creation process in my opinion. Since I cover a range of topics on my blog, pictures can range from landscapes to flatlays. But they all go through a similar editing process. (More on the apps I use in a later blog post.)

If I’m looking for a specific layout style, I’ll head over to Pinterest to see if anything captures my attention. I always look for a white background to place my objects on as it creates a minimal appearance, without any distractions. After taking a bunch of photos of the same thing, I go through and narrow down my favourites. Before I put them through my editing process. You can see examples of my flatlays in Stationary Favourites and Minimal Jewellery.

3 | Writing the Content

This takes the longest for me to do. I tend do all my writing on my iPad Pro as it runs faster than my laptop with a lot more functionality. Throughout the week I tend to dip in and out of the drafts writing sections of the post each time. It doesn’t make it such a daunting process. By the end of the week there is a few connecting sentences needed and grammar checks before I’m ready to post. No matter how many times a blog post is read a few typos definitely slip through. Which is something I am working on. I usually have a handful of blog posts partially written for up and coming weeks. Whenever I get a thought or idea I tend to write it down in the draft so I don’t forget it.

4 | Finishing Touches

Before I hit publish there’s a few things I like to check first and questions I ask myself to make sure everything is in order.

1. Is there any obvious spelling mistakes in the title or blog post?

2. Have I categorised and correctly tagged this blog post?

3. Are products, images and previous blog posts hyperlinked?

4. Have I included a featured image?

5. Have I centred the images in the blog post?

Last but not least I always send a copy for my mom to read, a second pair of eyes is always good when trying to find spelling mistakes. Hi mom!

This is pretty much everything I do when creating a blog post, from jotting down ideas to hitting publish. There’s a lot of things involved in blogging but the feedback and creating something your proud of is truly rewarding.

What is your blogging process like? 

Adell x



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