Graphic Design Work Experience

Graphic Design Work Experience

During the last week of June 2016 I undertook a work experience placement at a local Brand and Digital Design Agency. The work that I completed, ranged from sourcing information for the companies social media to designing emailers and webpage mock ups for the company.

During the week I was working on both Apple Mac and Windows Software. I learnt skills on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as correcting 404 errors for the companies clients. This work allowed me to gain more knowledge on Graphic Design as a career… and I loved it.

At the beginning of the week, my knowledge of Photoshop was quite basic with me using it primarily for art projects. But I quickly learnt the software by researching any complications online in order to produce the designs.

The following image is the webpage I designed on Photoshop inspired by the companies pre-existing site. This was completed near the end of the week when I had more experience with the software. The piece was my own interpretation and allowed me to show what I was capable of as well as what I had learnt.

The overall experience was very positive and I have learnt a lot from the time I spent there. This placement really helped to progress my ideas further and allowed me to begin my own distinct style. Not to mention the building the company was in was truly stunning. I love working in an environment that is aesthetically beautiful.

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