Magazine Designs

Magazine Designs

As part of the A-Level Media Studies coursework I was required to produce production pieces. This included a front page, contents page and article pages. The images below are a collection of that.
As my passion is photography I have chosen to base this magazine around that topic, I used pictures taken on adventures I recently went on at the time of the creation.

Front Page:

Graphic Design Magazine Design Media Studies

Contents Page:

Contents Page Magazine Design

Article Pages:

Magazine Design Layout Header Page

Article Page Magazine Design

Photography Magazine Design Layout

These designs were created using the software Quark. Using a software for the first time means not only learning the logistics of what your running, shortcuts to make you more productive but also the overall process. It can be enjoyable, who am I kidding it is a nightmare at first but it worked out quite well in the end. Or at least I hope it did. Once the coursework was completed I finally had the chance to reflect on what I produced.

This really put things into perspective for me especially Graphic Design as a whole, I guess you can say this is where my love of design began. The whole process of producing the magazine spread was definitely a learning curve but it taught me many things. Ranging from hierarchy, composition and the careful selection of colour. These designs are my first real attempt at creating work using proper design software.

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